So, after honing your CV skills, carefully researching the market and applying for relevant opportunities, you have finally managed to get an interview with a law firm that will take your career to the next level, but, what next? How much prep should you do? What type of interview will it be? How many stages are there? Who will I be meeting?

These are some of the many questions that will be running through your head and whilst you should always tailor your preparation to each individual meeting, below are a few hints and tips that have helped our candidates enormously over the years.

S – Situation
Think of a recent situation where you have demonstrated the competency in question.

T – Thoughts
State specifically what your thoughts were at the time and how you assessed the way you would solve the problem.

A – Action
What specific action did you take? How, through your actions, was the problem you faced, solved?

R – Result
The end result.

  1. Make sure you have questions to ask.
    Many good interviews are ruined by a lack of, or not very well researched questions. The chances are you will think of questions based on the content of your interview as it progresses, however it is important that you have questions prepared if this is not the case. You should ensure that the questions you ask are well thought out and not just ‘time fillers’. At the end of the day, you want the interviewers to remember you and asking good questions is an excellent way of standing out.

Interviews can be tricky and vary enormously from one to the next, so thought should always be given to each individual meeting you are attending. Interviewers differ – HR will conduct an interview a lot differently to Associates or Partners. Some will be formal, and some will be conversational, but the key to a successful interview is preparation of all aspects regardless of what you might be expecting, so polish up your technical skills, research everything and be yourself. They already like what they have seen in your CV, or you wouldn’t be there!

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